Yuhao Wang

Post-doctoral Fellow

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Email: yuhao.wang (at) connect.ust.hk

I anticipate entering the job market next year or possibly a bit later. If you are interested in my background and research interests or have any suitable academic positions to recommend, please feel free to reach out to me. Thank you very much!

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About me

Welcome to my personal webpage!

I'm now a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). I investigate about system for low-carbon energy conversion and storage. More specifically, my research focuses on high temperature electrochemical cells/, including Solid Oxide Cells and Protonic Ceramic Cells.

In September 2023, I obtained my Ph.D. in Mechanical Enginnering from the HKUST under the supervision of Prof. Francesco Ciucci.
Before that, I received my MSc degree in August 2019 from CBE department at HKUST and bachelor degree in June 2017 from the China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing (CUMTB) under the supervision of Prof. Zhibin Yang and Prof. Minfang Han.
During my undergraduate period, I also visited as a guest student in Prof. Ming Chen's group at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

Please, visit my LinkedIn to find my previous experiences. You can also follow my recent publications in my Google Scholar.


Peer-reviewed papers († = co-first author, * = corresponding author)

Published or Accepted

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  39. Under-review or Submitted

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  43. In Preparation

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National standards

  1. Oil-based needle coke, GB/T 37308-2019

  2. Oil-based needle coke for graphite electrode joints, YB/T 4910-2021

Talks and Presentations

  1. Self-recovered symmetrical protonic ceramic fuel cell with smart reversible exsolution/dissolution electrode. The HKUST-KAIST Joint Workshop, Hong Kong, 2023.02.

  2. Progresses on protonic ceramic cells. WEstlake Solid STate IONics Seminar (WESTON), Hangzhou, China, 2023.04. Invited speaker.

  3. Self-recovered symmetrical protonic ceramic fuel cell with smart reversible exsolution/dissolution electrode. E-MRS Spring 2023, Strasbourg, France, 2023.05.

  4. High-performance and long-term durability protonic ceramic cells. China-Europe Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Workshop, Beijing, China, 2023.07. Invited speaker.

  5. Self-recovered symmetrical protonic ceramic fuel cell with smart reversible exsolution/dissolution electrode. The 15th Pacific Rim Conference of Ceramic Societies & 13th International Conference on High-Performance Ceramics, Shenzhen, China, 2023.11. Invited speaker and Section chair.

Professional Activities

Reviewer for Journals: Energy & Environmental Science, Advanced Materials, Advanced Energy Materials, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Energy Conversion and Management, Journal of Power Sources, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, etc.

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